Tourist Corridor, Los Cabos

Undoubtedly, one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico is located in the zone named Corridor Los Cabos in the south of the Baja Peninsula. Incredible landscapes and activities for everyone make this area truly visitable.

Due to the wonderful hotels, spectacular golf courts, and unrivaled natural landscapes, Corridor Los Cabos is the site of one of the most important tourist developments in Mexico. Beautiful beaches, great fishing possibilities, and virgin desert surroundings, together with luxury vacation services and facilities, make this place a gorgeous destination.

The scenic highway from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo in the south part of the Baja Peninsula has been named Corridor Los Cabos or Tourist Corridor San Jose - San Lucas. It extends 32 km. or 20 miles from one city to the other offering incredible ocean views and breathtaking sunsets.

A number of earth and aquatic activities for every budget are available here. Sport fishing is one of the most chosen options because of the varied species that have make the Sea of Cortes world famous: Marlin (black, blue, and striped), Sailfish, Swordfish, Ma hi Ma hi, and yellow-tail, among others. Scuba divers love this destination because of the colonies of black coral and other marine fauna that inhabit the waters.

Snorkeling, sailing, swimming or surfing are also popular activities in beaches both in San Jose del Cabo, like Costa Azul, and in Cabo San Lucas, like Medano or Love.

San Jose del Cabo estuary, an ecologic paradise with lush vegetation and home of diverse tropical birds, or Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve are two interesting sites that visitors ought to know. Besides, Bay of Santa Maria offers great fishing, swimming, diving, and snorkeling conditions too.

In winter, the zone is visited by the immigrating gray whale that comes from cold north seas to deliver its offspring.

Incredible desert landscapes and gorgeous beaches, together with luxury tourist services and facilities make Corridor Los Cabos, in the Baja Peninsula, one of the top destinations in Mexico.