San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo is in the east shore of the Baja California Peninsula, 183 km. or 113 miles south of La Paz, through Highways 9 and 1. It is located 26 miles or 42 km northeast of its sister city Cabo San Lucas. San Jose del Cabo is the starting po

San Jose del Cabo is a tourist development focused on fulfilling the needs of its visitors. It is the starting point of the 45 km or 30 mile tourist corridor that ends in Cabo San Lucas. San Jose del Cabo is located about 183 km or 113 miles south of La Paz through highways 9 and 1. It is ideal for family vacations since it represents the peaceful side of Los Cabos. Both on and off the water attractions are features that party and relaxation seekers will find here.

One of the main attractions of San Jose del Cabo is its estuary, full of vegetation and diverse tropical birds. Sport fishing is a favorite activity due to the abundance of reserved species.

San Jose del Cabo is famous because of its beaches, too: Costa Azul, Santa Maria, and Punta Palmilla, ideal for windsurf, account for the most visited.

There are several nearby towns to which tourists should travel. One of them is Todos Santos, a village founded in 1733 by Jesuit father Segismundo Taraval, who established a mission station here. Excellent weather, colonial architecture, and beautiful gardens make this destination really attractive. It is located 106 km. or 66 miles southwest of La Paz.

Another interesting visit can be made to San Ignacio, which is 73 km. or 45 miles north of Santa Rosalia. This town´s mission station was founded in 1728 by Jesuit father Juan Bautista Luyando. Other interesting points that should be considered to visit are Guerrero Negro, Mulege, and Loreto.

Walking through the city of San Jose del Cabo, San Jose Church, City Hall, and Garden of Art are worth visiting. The commercial zone with famous black coral handicrafts is an interesting site not to miss. Nowadays, San Jose del Cabo has a redesigned main square that invites both visitors and local people to walk through. Boutiques, restaurants, and bars of different styles and specialties and for different budgets are available.

By night, clubs such as Simpecao, Tropicana, or La Havana offer good music and dancing options until late.