Mexicali, Baja California

Mexicali, capital city of the State of Baja California, is located in the northwest part of Mexico, next to the border with the United States. It is located 110 miles or 189 km east of Tijuana and San Diego and 199 km or 124 miles north of San Felipe

The Mexicali International Airport, Sanchez Taboada, is 20 km east of Mexicali. A second airport, Valle Imperial, is located 24 km or 15 miles north of the border and it receives different flights coming from American cities. By land, a good four lane road communicates Mexicali with Tijuana and, by sea, at a 3 and a half hour distance, the Bay of Ensenada allows maritime transportation.

Mexicali offers an important art gallery as well as the State Center of the Arts, where local and national artists exhibit their work. Besides, Mexicali features the House of Culture, the Theater of the State, the Sun Interactive Museum for Children, and the Regional Museum, that is managed by the public university. The Community Museum Cucapah is also worth visiting.

Twenty four kilometers of nice beaches can be found on the road that goes from Mexicali to San Felipe. These beaches feature facilities and services to spend a good recreational time. Examples of them are Puertecitos, about 80 km or 50 miles south of San Felipe or San Luis Gonzaga Bay, which is about 72 km or 45 miles south of Puertecitos.

Due to the increasing number of visitors that Mexicali is getting either because of business or pleasure, the city has developed a good service industry. Therefore, Mexicali features many restaurants and places where tourists will find excellent food and entertainment. Chinese food is one of the most popular in the city and there are more than 100 places where to get this kind of cuisine. Besides, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, and French cuisines are available. Among some recommended restaurants are Flor de Loto, Fortune House, Dragon de Oro, Chulim, Golden China, Happy Day, Long River, and Fu Ling.

Mexicali is the site for off road races. Besides, the city features a Zoo and woods where families use to go for picnics. it is possible to visit the Natural History Museum, the Water Park, or the open air theater. Mexicali offers professional baseball and basketball, too.

Shopping is a real good experience in Mexicali. Thus, high quality shopping malls should be visited, such as Plaza Cachanilla, Plaza Fiesta, or Plaza Universidad.

Lodging options in Mexicali would fit every budget. The choices range from 5 star hotels to economic rate motels and hostels.