Ensenada, Baja California

Ensenada, in the Mexican state of Baja California, faces the Pacific Ocean and is located 116 km or 70 miles south of Tijuana. It is south of San Diego and the United States border. Northeast of Ensenada are Tecate (103 miles or 167 km) and Mexicali

Ensenada can be reached by land if you drive via the modern Tijuana-Ensenada scenic toll road offering some of the most spectacular views on the Pacific coast. Another option is to get a bus tour or a boat tour out of California┬┤s ports. In Ensenada, taxis, tours, and car rentals are available. Many airlines flight to Ensenada as well.

Ensenada is a beautiful weekend getaway town where, all year around, interesting things can be done. For example, from late December until late march the Gray Whale watching arriving from Alaska is a natural spectacle that should be considered by visitors. In February, a colorful carnival takes place and tourists and locals enjoy music and parade during 5 days. Off road car races are held in February and march.

This is an excellent region to produce wines, therefore several wine related festivals are organized throughout the year. Moreover, in April, the Rosarito- Ensenada Ride Spring Season takes place; more than 6000 cyclist travel through 50 miles to complete this race. Other athletic and recreational activities include Triathlons, Marathons, and fishing tournaments.

Handicrafts, gastronomic encounters, and musical festivals are also part of the events that can be enjoyed in Ensenada. In addition, the world famous Baja 1000 and Baja 500 races are just two other examples of the many activities that Ensenada offers. By October a surf festival is organized; and by December, traditional "posadas" are really interesting to attend.

Ensenada is a nice little town with affordable hotels on the beach. But tourist will find many other possibilities while being on vacation in this city and port. Visitors can get a tour on a horse drawn carriage around downtown; or it is possible to visit the Bufadora, which is a geyser-like hole that shoots water, or maybe, some would like to tour the harbor by boat. Ensenada offers great nightclubs and excellent restaurants for demanding palates, such as Victors, El Charro, Puerto Nuevo or La Tortuga. And if you like to dance, Papas and Beer, Octopus Disco or El Langostin are some of the best choices.