Archaeology in Chiapas

  • Bonampak, Mayan Ruins

    Bonampak is a small Mayan city located in the state of Chiapas, close to the ruins of Yaxchilan. The site is well preserved and is composed by many interesting buildings. Bonampak is famous for the intact paintings inside the famous temple of the Mur

  • Palenque, Archaeological Site

    Palenque, in the state of Chiapas, is one of the most important archaeological sites of southern Mexico. Only partly excavated due to the lush jungle and the mountains around, this archaeological site is considered by many the most beautiful one.

  • Yaxchilan

    The city of Yaxchilan in the state of Chiapas is one of the greatest cities ever built by the Mayas. Built along a river, it includes a central plaza, temples, palaces, and hundreds of small buildings.